Advanced Search


Filter By


1. In the Criteria drop-down box, select the desired criteria you want to search on.
2. Once you have it selected a field(s) will appear below based on what you have chosen. You can enter your wording, dates, numbers, etc. Then click the Add button.
3. The criteria will then appear in the Current Search Criteria box to the right. You can then verify whether you entered the information correctly. If not, then select the item you need to change in the box and click on the Edit button to make your corrections. You will need to click on the Add button again to make the change effective.
4. Select another criteria item, enter a value and repeat until you have entered what you need to build a multi-criteria search.
5. If needed, use the Remove button to delete criteria.
6. For multiple crietria search enter criteria names seperated by comma and without space (e.g. dodge,dane). 

Export to Excel
To export search results into a Excel please follow these steps:

- Choose the desired criteria for your search. Please note that these criteria are what will be exported to Excel.
- Check the Show in results check box.
- Perform a desired search.
- Click on the Printable Version link at the bottom of the results.
- Highlight the records and copy them into excel. The application will automatically populate them into seperate columns.

All criteria are optional but at least one criterion must be entered to perform a search. Use an asterisk * before, or in the middle of the search words when you don't know the full details, spelling or want varied results with similar characteristics. For best results, do not include a street suffix (rd st ave) in the address field.